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Anderson Silva to open gym at Corinthians Arena

Deal marks UFC legend’s first rollout of Spider Fit brand.

by Tom Bassam

Anderson Silva to open gym at Corinthians Arena

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) legend Anderson Silva and Corinthians have signed a partnership to create an MMA gym at the Brazilian top-flight soccer club’s Itaquera-based home.

The Brazilian MMA fighter is set to open the new facility for bodybuilding, gymnastics and combat sports in late November. It will be housed on the tenth floor of the West Sector at Corinthians Arena under Silva’s Spider Fit brand, the first franchise of his new commercial project.

Silva had a previous relationship with the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A outfit but, according Brazilian sports industry outlet Maquina Do Esport, the new deal is not related to his previous contract as a Corinthians representative athlete.

The 43-year-old former UFC middleweight champion has reportedly struck an agreement with the consortium that runs the stadium to be able to set up the space onsite and, save for some contract details, it is essentially a commercial rental within the arena.

The reunion of Silva and Corinthians comes with Luís Paulo Rosenberg having returned to the club as director of marketing. Rosenberg signed the deal with Silva in 2011 to link the club's brand to the fighter's global success on the UFC stage.

For the club, the presence of Silva’s Spider Fit brand fits into their strategy to boost usage of the stadium on non-Corinthians matchdays.