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Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena utilising AI to improve security

Liberty Defense’s Hexwave technology uses low-energy radar imaging to detect weapons.

by Sam Carp

Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena utilising AI to improve security

German soccer champions Bayern Munich are teaming up with Liberty Defense to beta-test the weapon detection company’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered security system at the Allianz Arena.

The Bundesliga club’s 75,000-seater home will be kitted out with the US-based firm’s Hexwave technology, which uses low-power, radar imaging and AI to detect and identify weapons such as guns, knives and suicide vests.

The low-energy radar is sent through materials including clothing or bags, and then bounces back off an individual’s body to generate images of threats on the outside of the body, rather than images of the body itself.

Liberty says the solution will also provide Bayern with a layered security strategy at the Allianz Arena, allowing threats to be detected at the perimeter of the stadium without obstructing the movement of large groups of people.

"The reception to our Hexwave product has been fantastic and we are excited about working alongside FC Bayern Munich, a team that is a household name in both Europe and North America," said Bill Riker, Liberty Defense chief executive. "Our ability to deploy in both indoor and outdoor settings, with covert and overt applications, sets us apart and has also been driving increasing interest from the market."

Oliver Meßthaler, Bayern’s head of security, added that the club was “looking forward” to having the opportunity to “assess the capabilities” of Liberty’s technology.

Bayern are the first European sports organisation to test the security system, which has already been rolled out at Rogers Arena in Canada, home of the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Vancouver Canucks.