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Twitch and YouTube streaming gets sponsorship valuation tool

SuperData tracking platform promises ‘industry-changing’ metrics to brands.

by Sam Carp

Twitch and YouTube streaming gets sponsorship valuation tool

SuperData, a digital games market intelligence provider owned by Nielsen, has launched an ‘industry-changing’ media measurement tool to provide games publishers, brands and sponsors with audience metrics and insights across gaming video content and esports platforms and services.

The SuperData Arena dashboard will determine the value of games, industry influencers, streaming content, games channels and audiences by tracking a range of metrics, including the number of hours streamed and watched, average concurrent viewers and channel followers across Twitch, YouTube and other platforms which gamers use to stream their online sessions.

The new tool is geared towards helping brands and publishers make better-informed sponsorship decisions by enabling them to compare game titles with gaming’s most popular streamers, while also tracking the performance of major esports events.

In addition, SuperData’s proprietary influencer value index will allow clients to track a video game’s content retention, engagement, magnitude and overall value to determine the best sponsorship ROI. The tool will also enable brands to gauge the value of a gamer’s streaming audiences through visualised data that will include demographic information and purchase intent.

“Watching games online has quickly become one of the most popular forms of interactive entertainment with many games video titles and esports events now generating audiences that rival traditional media content,” said SuperData co-founder Joost van Dreunen.

“The new SuperData Arena dashboard offers brands and publishers the ability to have a combined view of gaming video streaming data metrics with game sales data. It provides a holistic view of how players and fans are consuming and engaging with streaming content across the world’s most popular channels and platforms.”

The news comes just over a month after Nielsen completed the acquisition of SuperData at the beginning of September to enhance the offering of its gaming and esports division.