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GumGum Sports brings AI media tracking to New Orleans franchises

Company to monitor value of sponsorships signed by city's NFL and NBA teams.

by Michael Long

GumGum Sports brings AI media tracking to New Orleans franchises

GumGum Sports, a company that monitors the media value of sponsorships through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, has entered into season-long partnerships with the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Santa Monica-based company will deploy its technology to track the media value of both teams’ sponsorships beyond traditional broadcasts, a move it says will help partner brands better understand the return they are seeing on their investments.

GumGum’s automated computer vision technology monitors TV, streaming and social media video content, including clips and images shared by fans, to measure impressions and the level of exposure a partner receives through assets such as on-field signage, jersey logos and branded content.

According to an official release, the technology ‘qualifies those impressions against a proprietary Media Value Percentage (MVP) methodology, accounting for clarity, prominence and share of voice.’ That percentage is then used to assign a dollar valuation to a broadcast or sporting event, enabling sponsors to measure their investment and compare it to what it would have cost to buy an equivalent amount of reach and engagement through other types of media.

“GumGum Sports is powering a new level of media tracking for both the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans,” said Mike Stanfield, the senior vice president of sales for both teams, who compete in the National Football League (NFL) and National Basketball Association (NBA) respectively.

“By qualifying all the exposures our brand partners are enjoying, we’re better able to support their business objectives by helping them measure our dedicated, global fan base, wherever they may be.”

Having launched last year, GumGum Sports - a division of GumGum Computer Vision - now works with teams across the North American major leagues, as well as rights holders in motorsports, soccer and martial arts, consumer brands and advertising agencies.

“Providing a full-valuation suite is changing the way stakeholders across the sports landscape measure and report on their sponsorships,” said Ryan Mosher, the executive director of sponsorship solutions at GumGum Sports.

“Our comprehensive partnership with the Saints and Pelicans will help them find more sponsor exposure and heighten insights while discovering how to better serve the business objectives of their sponsors.”