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LA Kings clean up with BlueEco deal

New water and ice development tech maximises arena energy efficiency.

by Elena Holmes

LA Kings clean up with BlueEco deal

National Hockey League (NHL) franchise, the Los Angeles Kings, have announced a partnership with BluEco Technology Group.

The deal will see BluEco, which works to reduce the operating costs and environmental footprint of key sectors, introduce a its new Liquid Crystalline Turbex (LCT) environmental technology for arenas and public facilities.

The system is designed to produce pure water while cleaning indoor air, significantly reducing energy costs for the arena. The formulated ice has fewer impurities and eliminates an arena’s reliance on municipal water systems to create and maintain its ice sheet.

Additionally, the BluEco LCT improves spectator and player comfort in a wide variety of venue climates and provides material operational cost reductions to teams and arena management.

The project will aim to further the NHL’s ‘Greener Rinks’ mission, which seeks to promote environmentalism, conservation and sustainability, by bringing the technology to professional and community facilities across the globe.

The BluEco LCT System was piloted at the LA Kings’ Staples Center arena during the 2017/18 season. As a result, the LA Kings said their arena “saved hundreds of thousands of gallons of water” over the season and “lowered the carbon footprint of one of the busiest and well-known arenas in the world.”

Dan Beckerman, chief executive and president of the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), which owns one half of the Kings, said: “Through our partnership with BluEco, we have introduced an innovative technology that addresses the two most critical issues facing hockey franchises and venue owners: the quantity of water needed to create ice sheets and the quality of the ice that forms.

“For more than a decade, AEG has been dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and water usage, which is especially important in water-stressed areas like Los Angeles. Our mission is to facilitate the adoption this game-changing advancement with other teams and arenas, making an impact on hockey and conservation.”

Scott Morris, president of BluEco Technology Group, added: “By joining forces with these gold standard organisations, we have a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate, at the highest levels, that arenas and public facilities can, in fact, provide a better and healthier indoor environment while also saving a significant amount of money. The results have proven beneficial to the customer, the fan base, and just as importantly, to our environment.”