Sustainable Innovation

Özil and Flamini launch eco-friendly skincare range

Soccer players collaborate in Unity project to provide sustainable wellbeing products.

by Stephan Georgiou

Özil and Flamini launch eco-friendly skincare range

Soccer players Mesut Özil and Mathieu Flamini have collaborated to launch a new skincare range made entirely from sustainable products.

The collaboration is the result of a collective passion to provide support towards efforts against climate change as well as the current refugee crisis.

Named Unity, the brand offers a range of wellbeing products formed only with natural ingredients, with part of the profits going towards charities through a separate Unity project aimed at children affected by climate change and war.

Ex-Arsenal player Flamini, who played alongside Özil for three years, has a well-known passion for the environment, and alongside his soccer career, set up a biochemical firm while playing for AC Milan in Italy.

GF Biochemicals is the world’s first commercial producer of levulinic acid, a substance that could provide the world with a substitute to oil, as well as creating biodegradable plastics.

Meanwhile, Unity packaging is made from renewable bioplastic sugarcane, which helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, while the brand pledges to only use naturally sourced and sustainable ingredients across its range of products.

Speaking about the importance of the new joint venture, Flamini said: “I have been involved in sustainability for ten years. My focus was more towards the environment. We decided that by coming together and joining forces we could create a brand that is fair to the people and the planet.

“We have a responsibility to stand up for our beliefs and try to inspire the next generation. That means creating awareness around all these issues.

“It could help people change their behaviours. We are not trying to change the world but if everyone changes just a little then it adds up. It can make a big impact.”

Unity was officially launched in London’s Covent Garden earlier this week, with several of the co-founders’ Arsenal colleagues attending in support.