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SK Gaming gets Huawei partnership

eSports organisation teams up with Chinese electronics manufacturer.

by Adam Nelson

SK Gaming gets Huawei partnership

Chinese mobile phone and tablet device provider Huawei has entered into a partnership with Germany-based eSports organisation SK Gaming.

Huawei is using to the deal to promote its Honor sub-brand, with users of its latest device, the Honor 8 Pro, gaining access to exclusive SK Gaming content.

SK Gaming, which operates teams across eSports, has run a specialised mobile division since 2015 but until now has lacked a sponsor in that space. It is one of the few Western eSports organisations which has significantly committed to mobile e-gaming.

Last year, SK Gaming signed a deal with credit card provider Visa which was thought to be worth close to US$1 million. The Huawei deal is not believed to be close to that amount, but could still be worth a low six-figure sum.

In a statement, SK managing director Alexander Müller described Huawei as “an excellent partner for our mobile division.”