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Sportradar signs AI interactive content deal

Arkadium’s InHabit technology to utilise company’s sports data.

by Tom Bassam

Sportradar signs AI interactive content deal

Data analytics firm Sportradar has signed a multi-year exclusive partnership with Arkadium, an interactive visual content company.

The partnership sees Sportradar’s worldwide real-time sports data woven into Arkadium’s interactive artificial intelligence (AI) product, InHabit, to produce insight visualisations for fans and bettors.

InHabit’s patent-pending technology reads any article and automatically inserts a relevant interactive editorial unit – which it calls a ‘factive’ – designed to engage the reader and extend the article on which it appears. The technology is designed to broaden premium advertising, sponsorship and other monetisation opportunities.

The technology is already being utilised by USA Today Sports Media Group, the Associated Press and FanSided to positive effect. According to Arkadium, InHabit has delivered a 100 per cent increase in session durations and up to 35 per cent click-through rates where deployed.

“Sportradar is obsessed with enhancing the fan experience and we are continually striving to create engaging and unique products that offer the best solutions for publishers and broadcasters to monetise,” said Jonathan Earle, Sportradar’s customer director, sports media.

“The way in which sports fans are consuming content has dramatically changed and fans are looking for more interactive, visual stories to help keep them informed of the latest sports news. Partnering with Arkadium will help us to lead the next generation of sports engagement.”

Kenny Rosenblatt, president and co-founder, Arkadium, added: ““Our partnership represents the future of sports marketing, one where fans are deeply engaging with the players and teams they love, while providing publishers and advertisers the time, attention and relevant audiences that they’re looking for. We are excited to bring InHabit to the UK.”

Sportradar has an exclusive agreement with Arkadium to create ‘factives’ for English Premier League matches and Uefa Champions League matches in a number of languages. Additional sports included are the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football and basketball.