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SportsPro Live 2018: Day 1 highlights

A selection of the best quotes from our speakers on day one of SportsPro Live 2018.

by Tom Bassam

SportsPro Live 2018: Day 1 highlights

SportsPro Live 2018 kicked off on Wednesday with a whole host of interesting insights from the intersection of technology and sports business.

From Intel and Facebook to the ATP, here are our favourite quotes from day one at London's ExCel. 

SP Live 2018 began with Mati Kochavi, HEED co-founder, presenting its AI platform to packed Plenary room:

“HEED is the Netflix of sports. But the Netflix of moments inside sports. It knows what is interesting to you.

"Usually when you're in the game you're just looking at the players. We look at many sources of information.

"It means with HEED, we create stories."

Roser Queralto, chief business officer of Euroleague, a HEED partner, tackled an interesting question from the floor about whether the AI platform was telling fans they didn't need to watch linear broadcasts:

"We're telling the fan, 'If you're not watching, this is the top-notch moment to tune in. So it's the opposite."

Later in the morning session, Jonathan Levene from Intel Sports wowed delegates with his presentation on reinventing the sports experience:

"We're going to be able to project a match in holographic on to your coffee table. This is happening. Believe me."

The Facebook presentation was one of the best attended of the day in Room 1. Ronan Joyce discussed the value of creating 'meaningful social interaction':

"Now, more so than ever, it's important to put content in front of people that is authentic," he said.

There was a great, back-and-forth 'New formats, new audiences' session with the ATP marketing senior vice president George Ciz, Joe Edwards, head of digital marketing at Fiba, and Franck Choquard, head of products and marketing at Eurovision.

Here's Edwards on how Fiba tries to take its game beyond the court: "Basketball is one of the most culturally driven sports out there. We're trying to build a 'fan show' around the whole market. We're using music and fashion we're trying to create a culture that goes beyond just basketball."

Ciz provided an interesting insight into the ATP's operating mantra: "When people ask about our business, we're the business of ideas."

Over in Room 2 the National Basketball Association's (NBA) senior director Brianne Ehrenkranz discussed how, as the standard-bearer for an American sport, the league takes on the challenge of becoming a global brand:

“We’re up against a pretty big challenge. Our games are in the middle of the night, so it’s important as a fan to create a community. It’s important to feel connected.”

As the day came back together in Plenary, Sportradar's Eldar Akhmetgaliyev showed delegates how its Machine could be taught to predict the winner of the NBA Finals:

"The advantage still lies with the Golden State Warriors, because the machine shows that Andre Iguodala is James Harden's toughest opponent." 

The day's final session day saw Neulion and the EFL discuss their iFollow service.

EFL's marketing director Drew Barrand: "The opportunity to have a dialogue with fans not in the stadium every day is a massive bonus. But the biggest thing is the commercial opportunities. This is the first multimillion pound revenue stream for our club in 20-30 years.. and we've only just begun."

We've only just begun, too: join us for more highlights from day two at the close of play on Thursday.