Alpine F1 Team inks KX Insights data deal

Analytics platform partnership designed to improve Alpine's decision-making and performance.

by Georgina Yeomans

Alpine F1 Team inks KX Insights data deal
  • Alpine has worked with KX since August
  • KX Insights to provide team with single data access point

Alpine F1 Team have agreed a partnership with KX Insights, a real-time data analytics platform.

Alpine have been working with KX for the last couple of months on collecting and analysing team data from racing simulators, sensors, dynometers, telemetry instruments, as well as wind tunnels.

Now, with this new agreement, the KX Insights platform is being deployed full-time to help Alpine improve their real-time decision-making, as well as enhance performance on and off the track by providing the team with a single data access point for real-time insights.

Additionally, the partnership will help the team improve its cloud ecosystem and data infrastructure with Microsoft Azure.

"KX Insights now puts us in the position where we can fully utilise the capabilities of our cloud infrastructure on Microsoft Azure," said Natahan Sykes, business systems and data science director at Alpine.

"We can easily scale up and down as required while adding new data streams with ease. Add this to the powerful pipelines we already have access to in KX tools for ingesting data and visualising the results in fractions of a second.

"This will give us access to even more data allowing for even greater insights via analytics as well as taking our models to a greater complexity and accuracy."