Bundesliga promises advanced stats with AWS deal

Cloud solutions firm to provide in-depth broadcast data and new digital fan platform.

by Tom Bassam

Bundesliga promises advanced stats with AWS deal

The German Football League (DFL) has announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is to become the Bundesliga’s official technology provider in a multi-year deal.

The partnership will see the technology giant’s cloud computing subsidiary use its cloud infrastructure, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) tools for the delivery of real-time statistics to generate in-depth insights for every live Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga broadcast, as well being utilised for personalised digital experiences.

From 17th January, AWS will start providing Bundesliga game data across the leagues’ mobile and broadcast outlets.

In a bid to boost engagement, the Bundesliga ‘powered by AWS’ statistics will offer fans a new digital user experience and visualisations. Using Amazon’s SageMaker machine learning tool to track live streams and tap historical data, the Bundesliga is hoping to offer fans real-time predictions on when a goal is likely to be scored, identify potential goal-scoring opportunities, as well as highlight how teams are controlling play via an AWS advanced statistics platform.

The Bundesliga also plans to leverage AWS machine learning services, such as Amazon Personalize, to offer real-time, individual digital content suggestions such as match highlights, marketing promotions and search results via its digital platforms.

Christian Seifert, the DFL's chief executive, said: “Innovation means challenging the status quo. Working closely with AWS as one of the most innovative technology companies in the world significantly enhances the investment we’ve made in innovation over the past two decades, all of which contributes to us being able to deliver a world-class football experience for our fans.”

AWS already holds similar deals with the likes of the National Football League (NFL) and global motorsport series Formula One.