Formula E and CSM to deliver sustainable, non-PVC signage

New adhesive branding will reduce E-Prix plastic pollution.

by Joe Levy

Formula E and CSM to deliver sustainable, non-PVC signage

Formula E has partnered with global branding supplier CSM Live to deliver new, sustainable branding and trackside signage at race events.

The aim was to reduce plastic production and waste by using a non-PVC material to find a solution for trackside branding.

CSM has produced an adhesive film made of polypropylene, which will be applied to the barriers lining the circuits for the various E-Prix races.

The new material will replace all the previously-used substances and will provide a significant environmental impact by reducing some 35 kilometres of potential PVC waste.

Julia Palle, senior sustainability consultant at Formula E, said: “Working together [with] CSM, we’ve been able to deliver sustainable solutions for branding and trackside signage.

“Introducing new and innovative ways of branding allows the Formula E Championship to continue accelerating positive change in the events industry.”

“We’re proud to have worked closely with Formula E since its inception and whole-heartedly support the mission of the Formula E Championship to drive sustainable event management,” added Graham Clark, managing director at CSM. “We’re thrilled to be able to deliver this new product - pioneering the way for non-PVC solutions to be used industry-wide across the globe.”

The new branding will debut at the Rome E-Prix on 13th April.

António Félix da Costa currently leads the Formula E Drivers’ standings after six races with 62 points.