NBA to use SAP’s RISE software to boost fan engagement initiatives

New deal sees US basketball league expand cloud computing capabilities.

by Rory Jones

NBA to use SAP’s RISE software to boost fan engagement initiatives
  • Company’s software to be incorporated into league’s Microsoft Azure network
  • Technology will also help NBA consolidate business operations
  • SAP has been an official NBA partner since 2012

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has expanded its partnership with SAP to utilise the German company’s RISE software.

The deal will see the North American basketball league migrate its cloud-based SAP software, including the HANA Cloud database, to Microsoft Azure, the technology giant’s cloud computing service.

Microsoft partnered with the NBA and Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) in 2020, when the pair teamed up to develop a new direct-to-consumer (DTC) streaming platform on Microsoft Azure.

Azure also powers the NBA’s newly launched CourtOptix player stats platform, which offers next generation stats and optics.

Using SAP's new software, the NBA will be able to modernise several business processes to operate more efficiently, while the technology will also enhance its DTC and fan engagement initiatives.

The move builds on the relationship between the NBA and SAP, who first partnered in 2012.

Lloyd Adams, SAP North America’s senior vice president, said: “The NBA has consistently delivered cutting-edge experiences for fans powered by industry-leading innovation in sports and entertainment. 

“We look forward to helping the NBA continue its impressive cloud transformation strategy via RISE with SAP.”