NBA helps Reddit shut down pirate streaming forum

NBAstreams latest sports subreddit banned over ‘copyright infringement’.

by Steven Impey

NBA helps Reddit shut down pirate streaming forum

A popular Reddit forum where subscribers posted links to illegal live streams of National Basketball Association (NBA) matches has been shut down in relation to repeated copyright infringements.

The subreddit forum R/nbastreams, which had more than 400,000 subscribers, has been closed by the company. The page has now been replaced with a message that reads: ‘This subreddit was banned under Reddit's Repeat Copyright Infringement Policy.’

SportsPro has contacted Reddit for comment on the issue.

The NBA has confirmed its involvement in the subreddit’s demise, stating: ‘We work with our vendors to identify and protect against pirated live streams of our games. Platforms shutting down repeat infringers is critical to this process.’

According to a report by Sports Illustrated, the NBA has been aware of the subreddit for the past three seasons and has apparently made requests to remove the channel during some of its marquee events.

The NBA subreddit is not the only one that has been shut down by the site this year. R/soccerstreams, which had 425,000 subscribers before it was closed, was also removed in January for breaching the platform’s user agreement.

Reddit’s policy states that pirated material will be removed and that repeat infringers will be banned, though subreddit moderators are warned before any action is taken.

In addition, R/mmastreams, a similar subreddit forum where subscribers had posted pirated links to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), was also closed last month.