NHL launches on Chinese GIF platform Dongtu

New account builds on ice hockey league’s WeChat and Weibo presence.

by Joe Levy

NHL launches on Chinese GIF platform Dongtu

The National Hockey League (NHL) has become the first ever sports league to launch an official account on Chinese micro-content platform Dongtu.

Dongtu specialises in GIF-style content, usually animated or still images, which can be shared across a multitude of social media channels.

Dongtu lays claim to some 75 billion views per month and is integrated into more than 3000 apps, including the hugely popular WeChat in China.

The launch of an official Dongtu channel marks the latest Chinese venture for the NHL. The North American ice hockey league has already established WeChat and Weibo channels and recently launched accounts on news aggregator Jinri Toutiao and Bytedance-owned Douyin, known as TikTok internationally.

The NHL has also held four pre-season games in the country over the last two years, hosting fixtures in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Grant Long, co-founder of Dongtu, said: ““We’re excited to offer the Dongtu platform as a single touchpoint for the NHL across thousands of new Chinese apps to engage hundreds of millions of potential fans.”

David Proper, executive vice president of media and international strategy at the NHL, added: “The NHL is thrilled to expand our offerings to our fans in China and to further social awareness of the game of hockey on this innovative and popular platform.

“With the launch of this account, the NHL will be poised to make available even more content to our fans throughout China.”

On the ice, Boston Bruins lead Carolina Hurricanes 2-0 in the Conference Finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, while the San Jose Sharks and St Louis Blues are tied at 1-1 in their seven-game series.