Overtime’s Evade acquisition creates new Fornite division

Overtime Gaming to create social content featuring expanded esports player roster.

by Steven Impey

Overtime’s Evade acquisition creates new Fornite division

Digital sports media company Overtime has acquired US-based esports organisation Evade, and will merge their existing Fortnite teams to create a new Overtime Gaming content division.

As part of the merger, Overtime expands its Fortnite team to eight players, including Evade’s five existing gamers, and increases the combined social following of the company’s gaming talent pool to more than ten million.

Going forward, Overtime Gaming will create lifestyle and competitive performance video content to share via its social media channels. Content will also feature OvertimeTW, a team Overtime formed in December to create social content around gamers playing 2K gaming titles.

Evade’s owner Hanao Yuan, who will head up the Overtime Gaming division, said: “Overtime comes to the table with a large community, an existing infrastructure for developing and selling content, and expertise in merchandising.

“That combo is unique in the gaming world. Together, we can bring gaming content to a larger and more diverse audience, and create new experiences that translate gaming’s energy and excitement into real life.”

Dan Porter, Overtime’s chief executive and co-founder, said: “Stories about players’ lives, challenges and hopes are told everywhere in traditional sports. There’s a massive opportunity to tell those stories in gaming.

“I couldn’t be more excited to work with Hantao and our team to find those stories and help tell them in a way that speaks to our community and the next generation.”