Twitch adds Overwatch League streaming upgrades

Updated command centre gives viewers POV player access.

by Steven Impey

Twitch adds Overwatch League streaming upgrades

Twitch, the Amazon-owned over-the-top (OTT) streaming service, has launched a new and enhanced command centre as part of its Overwatch League All-Access Pass.

The platform, in collaboration with the games developer Blizzard Entertainment, will allow subscribers to watch the esports league from the player’s point of view (POV) and includes an overhead map.

“Since the biggest request was more personal ways to view all the Overwatch League action, we’ve overhauled the command centre for an evolved Twitch viewer experience,” said Matt McCloskey, Twitch vice president of commerce.

“This includes letting fans choose the main view from any competitor at any time, as well as choosing from a wide range of viewing templates, such as overhead maps among other options.

“Not only is the camera versatility ground-breaking for Overwatch League, it will change the way people want to watch esports for years to come.”

The new features are an extension to the upgraded Twitch All-Access Pass which has been cut in price to US$14.99. The service launched for OWL’s debut year and included second-screen camera angles.

Blizzard announced last August that nearly 11 million viewers tuned in worldwide to watch the Overwatch League finals, with roughly 290,000 people streaming per minute across coverage on Twitch and ESPN.     

"In addition to the twelve, individual POVs available via Command Center, viewers can choose from a list of preset multi-view templates," McCloskey told gaming news outlet GameDaily.

"Each of these templates includes a unique player POV as well as the main broadcast feed and overhead map view. Audio for these pre-set templates as well as the individual POVs will be the main broadcast audio, so that viewers never lose sight of what is going on elsewhere in the match."