Uefa launches YouTube channel dedicated to women’s soccer

#WePlayStrong signs up top female players to provide original content.

by Nick Friend

Uefa launches YouTube channel dedicated to women’s soccer

Uefa, European soccer’s governing body, has launched a new YouTube channel for its Together #WePlayStrong brand, partnering with a range of high-profile female players to provide a breadth of regular content.

The new initiative on the video-sharing platform is part of the association’s ongoing strategy to grow participation of girls’ and women’s soccer in each of its 55 member nations.

The channel will provide a variety of original content, with a focus on daily insights into the routines and livelihoods of players, as well as fitness advice and amusing challenges. It will also give players from across the continent the opportunity to tell their own stories and raise the profile of the women’s game.

As part of the launch, Uefa has announced that a roster of top female players will form a ‘content squad ‘in order to provide the basis of the #WePlayStrong channel.

Swedish defender Petronella Ekroth, who moved to Italian giants Juventus this season, will become one of the channel’s team of vloggers, alongside Lyon’s Shanice van de Sanden and world champion freestyler Liv Cooke.

Such was the success of a pilot YouTube vlog last year, Arsenal’s Lisa Evans, Germany striker Eunice Beckmann and Austria’s Sarah Zadrazil will also provide exclusive content to the channel.

The introduction of the channel is the latest part of the European soccer body’s commitment to raising the profile of women’s soccer. In December, Uefa signed a landmark deal with Visa through 2025, with the financial services company becoming Uefa’s first ever specific sponsor of women’s soccer. As part of the terms of the agreement, Visa is to work alongside the #WePlayStrong brand.

Guy-Laurent Epstein, director of marketing at Uefa, said of the new digital channel: “The #WePlayStrong YouTube channel is a platform designed to inspire girls and women around the world. Our aim is to not only make #WePlayStrong a thriving digital platform, but an inclusive and supportive community.

“Our social media engagement has doubled since the first year of our campaign, and we want to continue to produce content which is entertaining, aspirational and relatable.

“In a world where YouTube plays a huge role in the life of girls and women, we’re proud to have added three more inspiring women footballers to our channel, and we’re looking forward to sharing their professional and personal journeys online.”

Ekroth added: “I can’t wait to get started and share my experiences of moving to Juventus - especially as I’m currently trying to master a new language. I hope people enjoy it and are also inspired to perhaps start their own journey through football.”