Wolves launch esports tournament portal

Premier League club’s new gaming platform backed by Bundled and 4Entertainment.

by Tom Bassam

Wolves launch esports tournament portal

English top-flight soccer club Wolverhampton Wanderers are seeking to tap into the growing interest in esports amid the coronavirus-enforced shutdown of live sports by launching their own tournament portal.

Working in collaboration with esports partner Bundled, the Premier League club have launched the platform for users to take part in gaming events online. Initially the portal, which is also supported by 4Entertainment, is hosting tournaments on the FIFA 20 title but more competitions have been promised by Wolves.

The portal is free to use and will host tournaments for all levels of gamers, with prizes on offer for winners of each tournament.

Wolves are marketing the new service by enlisting a number of first team and academy players for a tournament on 26th March which is being aired on their esports team’s Twitch channel. That event comes after the inaugural supporters’ tournament on the same day.

Wolves have been building out their esports division since signing their first gamer for the FIFA title in September 2018. The club now boast two players in their FIFA team, as well as a China-based outfit in partnership with Weibo eSports Club for the FIFA Online 4 title. They also have a Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) team that competes in the Chinese top tier for that game.